Lake Charles, LA

Calcasieu Parish E911 1711026029

General Project Scope

E911 Calcasieu Parish Roof Replacement plus HVAC Unit Replacements & Electrical Upgrades
  • Removed existing roof and HVAC units
  • Replaced with Garland roof system with 30 year NDL warranty
  • Installed new flashing, counter flashing, roof accessories and pre-fabricated roof curbs
  • Installed a completely new HVAC system
  • Completed structural steel roof dunnage with 2 stub columns (galvanized)
  • Installed 1 set of fabricated steps with rails
  • Installed new walk pads

Logistical Challenges

The biggest logistical challenge with this contract was not affecting normal business operations. Our crew was able to complete this project with minimal disturbance to the parish’s emergency operations. RYCARS is adept at working with our customers to ensure that normal work activity and functions may continue undisturbed.