Hahnville, LA

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St. Charles Courthouse

General Project Scope

  • Removed existing modified bitumen roof membrane down to the existing lightweight concrete roof deck
  • Disposed of all debris
  • Installed new ¼” gypsum cover board mechanically through lightweight to structural concrete with all-purpose fasteners
  • Torch 1 ply of Certainteed Flintlastic STA APP modified bitumen base
  • Torch 1 ply of Flintlastic GTA cap sheet
  • Applied SmartFlash liquid flashing at pipe penetrations
  • Installed 24 gauge Kynar finish edge metal

Logistical Challenges

This project was a huge logistical challenge, because it was an emergency roofing repair job after Hurricane Ida. After the disaster, acquiring materials was hard because they were scarce. Many of our workers were affected by the hurricane, which effectively dwindled our manpower. Once the materials were acquired and workers were available, we faced the challenge of delivering materials to the courthouse because of the large amount debris blocking the roads leading to the worksite. Electrical issues, running water, and cellular service all proved to be challenges that we had to overcome as well.