Fabrication Options


Coping refers to the covering piece that sits on top of a wall. This piece is exposed to the elements and needs to be protected from the weather so as to protect the building from water damage or rot. Typically, coping is made from masonry, stone, or metal. At RYCARS, we can use architectural sheet metal to create custom coping that can be easily sloped to displace rainwater and protect your roofing system.

Gutter & Downspouts

Gutters are one of the most important and overlooked elements of a roofing system. A well-built gutter is essential in moving water away from your building’s foundation, protecting it from flooding and storms. A building’s downspouts connect to the gutters to safely transport excess water away from the building. We use architectural sheet metal to quickly construct gutters and downspouts that are ideal for your building, while maintaining the right aesthetic and appropriate safety standards.

Scuppers & Conductors

Scuppers and conductors are different aspects of your roofing and water management system. Each piece that we build with architectural sheet metal is used to displace water and protect your building at all costs. Scuppers are simply an outlet in the side of your building that aid in draining water. Conductors are transition components that connect the scupper and downspout to redirect water safely and effectively.

Soffit & Fascia

The soffit is the enclosed section on the underside of a roof eave or any exterior piece of your building. The soffit is made from architectural sheet metal because it is so necessary to protect and waterproof this section of your building. The fascia abuts the soffit and typically rests underneath a gutter. The fascia is what an onlooker would be able to see from the street as they walk by a building as it is the trim that connects to the edge of a sloped roof system.