RYCARS Year End Awards

RYCARS Employee Spotlight: As we close out 2018 we would like to recognize a few of our staff members for their years of service. RYCARS continues to grow and thrive because of your daily contributions. We appreciate each of you and thank you for being TEAM RYCARS!

Claudette Madere – 15 years
Louis McLendon – 15 years
David Robinson – 15 years
Nikita Collins – 10 years
Bruce Marigny – 5 years

Claudette Madere, 15 years with RYCARS
Louis McLendon, 15 years with RYCARS
David “Heavy” Robinson, 15 years with RYCARS
Nikita Collins, 10 years with RYCARS
Bruce Marigny, 5 years with RYCARS